Group Travel

Why Travel With A Group?

1. Join Us at our Reception.

Meet others in your group and get to know staff from

2. You're Never Alone - Unless You Want to Be.

Spend quiet time alone if you wish but there's always someone around to share the experience. Dine with others, enjoy recreational activies or explore the area with safety in numbers. Have no one to share accomodations with you? Perhaps we can match you with someone compatible to eliminate the surcharge for a separate room. What if your travel partner is under the weather for a day? You still have others to go with rather than waiting in your room.

3. Enjoy Some Perks.

You might get priority boarding or be able to skip some lines. Enjoy shipboard credits or free upgrades.

4. Return Home with New Friends.

Meet people with many things in common and be able to share your experiences for years to come.

5. You Can Save Money.

Groups bring bulk buying power. You share the expense of guides, ground transportation and other items, giving you more experience for your dollar.

6. You Can Relax. All the Details Have Been Looked After.

Planning a trip can be stressful, particularly if you haven't done it before of if you're travelling to somewhere where people don't speak your language. Use the recommended hotels if you like. No need to search for a restaraunt unless you want to explore on your own. On land trips, enjoy the services of a Tour Director who can look after every detail so you can simply relax. If there are any gliches you have an experienced guide that can help to deal with any issues that arise.

7. You Might Get to See Things You Can't On Your Own.

Special events or other experiences may not be available to individuals. As you travel, your Tour Director can point things out you may not notice and explain their significance. Even if you're an experienced traveller you probably can't compare to a Tour Director that does it for a living.

8. Enjoy a Balance of Activity and Relaxation.

An experienced travel guide knows how to build relaxation time into a trip while still seeing many things. Still see things while you recover from a long flight while you enjoy your first day or two in peace. Return from your trip knowing you were able to see it all without feeling exhausted.

9. Share Your Experiences With Others.

It's great to get excited about a new experience but even better when you can relive it through discussion with your friends. Others will probably point out aspects that you woudn't notice if you were there by yourself.