Why Ask Us to Request Quotes for You?

  • There is NO FEE for this service.
  • We will search several travel insurance carriers for options that best suit your needs.
  • The premiums are no higher than if you deal with an insurance company directly.
  • We have access to plans that you can't get on your own.
  • With our help, you reduce the chance of errors that may result in a declined claim.

This is What Will Happen

  1. We ask details regarding your medical history and your travel plans.
  2. We look for the best options considering your eligibility and stability needs.
  3. We explain the differences between policies including benefits, exclusions and price options.
  4. You choose the plan you like best.

You have two options to request travel insurance quotations.

  1. Complete and submit our QUOTE REQUEST FORM. We will call you if we require further information.
  2. Phone us at one of our local phone numbers or 1-800-506-7675.
If you'd rather not use the assistance of our staff, purchase online.