Medical History

Time spent researching and documenting your medical history is a good investment.

Download and print our Medical History Form. List your complete medical history. Check with your physician and/or pharmacist to ensure your list of medications is accurate and complete. Pay particular attention to the precise date you were first prescribed the medication and the date of any change to the drug or dose. Include the name of the drug, the condition it treats, the strength and how often you take it.

Carry the completed form with your ID. If you have a medical emergency, paramedics and hospital staff will be very happy to have a detailed and accurate history. Have this information handy when you contact HOTWINTERS.CA for your travel medical insurance.

Credit Card and Group Travel Medical Insurance

Before you rely on travel medical insurance provided by your credit card or group insurance from your employer, former employer or union, consider these questions.

Credit card travel insurance Group travel insurance

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