Travel Insurance

  • We specialize in plans medically approved prior to travel. Our first step is to review your full medical history. Complex medical situations don't intimidate us. We will then consider about 15 options to find what suits you best.
  • Single and multi-trip annual travel medical plans. It's not unususal to save money by using a multi-trip annual plan, sometimes even if you take only one trip!
  • Stability periods as low as 7 days. Life brings changes and you never know when a short stability period might be to your advantage.
  • Travel to locations with travel warnings. If you winter near the Mexian border and like to visit Mexico or if you drive to Mexico, this is critical.
  • Coverage for trips to seek medical care or assessment. This is an exclusion with many plans but we can help.
  • Trip cancellation & interruption. Cancellation protects you from the risk of not being able to leave on your planned trip. Interruption protects you while you are away.
  • All-inclusive plans. Combine medical, cancellation and interruption protection.
  • Baggage & rental car insurance.

Medical Insurance

  • Visitors to Canada. SuperVisa applicants require Visitor to Canada insurance for entry to Canada. Choose a single trip or multi-trip annual version. Returning Canadians require protection until their provincial health plan take effect.
  • Canadian Expatriate & Foreign Student medical insurance. Canadians living outside the country can be protected by a Canadian company while away for an extended period. Have confidence the company you choose is governed by Canadian laws, not those of a foreign country.
  • Individual health & dental plans. Special features if you're replacing a recently lost employment benefit.