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Thinking of a cruise? New or old to the experience, there are some things to think about.

  • Where would you like to go?
  • What time of year?
  • Who will be with you?
  • What kind of budget do you have in mind?
  • Are you new to cruising? There are thousands of options. Ocean or river? Large or small ship? Each cruise line has its strengths. On your own, the task can be overwhelming but we can help you choose.

    Have you cruised before but mostly with the same line? Those loyalty programs are enticing but have you chosen the cruise line that is the best match for you? Let us show you something you may not have considered.

    Give us a call so we can get to know you. Will make a suggestion and give you more information so your dream can become reality.

    A cruise allows anyone to live like the affluent for a while. Travel Agency is excited to bring you group excursions, some escorted by a staff member. Join us along with other Canadian Snowbirds and Winter Texans. If none of these trips are suitable, simply contact us to arrange your own cruise. If you help us assemble a group, you might even earn a free cruise!

    Request Information on a Trip

    2019 Winter Cruises

    Embark from a port near your winter home.

    Contact us to arrange a group cruise with friends from your park. Receive additional amenities along with possible perks for the organizer and/or your activity committee.

    Summer Excursions

    Spring and autumn trips that won't interfere with your winter plans.

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    Why take a group excursion?

    9 advantages to group travel.

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